Volunteering at Help Portrait Austin

Hello & thanks for stopping by!!  My name is Helena (pronounced eh-leh-nuh) and I have been obsessed with pictures all my life.  Growing up I always loved going through photo albums and old pictures at home and at friends’ houses.  I started reading and practicing photography in college, but once my siblings had babies I just could not put my camera down!  I love children and I was obsessed with trying to capture their little feet, the dimples on the back of their hands, and all their different expressions.  Thanks to them I got a lot of practice.  Needless to say, my siblings love that I always bring my camera to our family events and usually don’t even bring one of their own!  hahaha..

I love photographing children, families interacting, and capturing beauty portraits either through senior portraits, headshots, or just because.. we don’t need a reason!  I think kids look adorable both outside or in an indoor studio settings, but for other portraits I like the feel of a more natural or lifestyle setting.  We could go to a park, go downtown, or just have you sit on your front door steps.  Whichever you prefer, we will work together to plan the perfect location, wardrobe, etc.  In the end my most important goal is that you LOVE your pictures!!


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